AIIMS/ICS oversea’s

I recently had the pleasure of delivering the AIIMS17 2 day course to a group of PNG nationals in support of contracted services in PNG

This group of supervisors and senior managers had an interesting spread of experiences from military, mining, security and oil and gas, which enabled us to highlight the “All Hazards” application of ICS. through vigorous discussion and examples

We utilised a great amount of examples from different roles and function performed amongst the group to reinforce the principles of ICS and ensure understanding of the functions, and the deeper we got into the course the more the group were identifying similarities with functions they had performed but were never formalised in a way that provided the common incident management system with identified underpinning concept of ICS

Sometimes we get offered opportunities with different challenges than usual, but the rewards from spending the time to find effective solutions to those challenges is what keeps us young in the mind and current in our approach, in a dynamic industry such as emergency response.

The benefit of experience can never be under estimated when delivering contextualisation of key pillars essential to our industry. I gained from the experiences this group was able to share with the course and I am thankful for that.

Well done to the group and I look forward to working with you again