Emergency Response Provider Audit

Corporate Protection Australia Group has undertaken the first audit as an Emergency Response Provider and achieved merit at Tier 3 with an LNG endorsement. The audit does not make an assessment of the contract management relationship between the organisation and the client they are providing the services to but whether it is providing a reliable service in terms of meeting safety and knowledge at the coalface, as this is where key actions of emergency response take place. The audit assesses the ability of the organisation to provide a credible and reliable emergency response program to industry and focuses on,
  1. The qualifications and currency of the crew members.
  2. Skills acquisition and maintenance.
  3. Equipment maintenance records for rescue and response equipment.
  4. Knowledge of relevant standards and compliance – e.g Fit test for respiratory protective equipment, air quality certification of SCBA compressors etc.
  5. Ability to provide support services such as vehicle construction, equipment supplies, training, procedures etc
Tier 3 also assesses the organisations history on providing Medical services and supplies- establishing clinics and providing purpose built vehicles. Capital Crisis Solutions takes advice and guidance from the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) when assessing incident management within the audit – referencing the National Industry Bodies AIIMS/Incident Control System for bench-marking incident management by crew leaders. By bringing this in as a standard, it streamlines the incident management structure from the first responding crew or level 1 incident, through to handover of the event to the public emergency services on arrival and escalation to level 2 and beyond if required. It brings together an understanding of terminology and information flow, assisting in a seamless continuation of control. Corporate Protection Australia Group’s enthusiasm to throw open the files and expose themselves as the first to undergo the audit showed courage, as it is not as though it was an annual review, but an examination of how they had been conducting business over many years and many contracts, and showed a passion to pursue continual improvement in service delivery. Capital Crisis Solutions would like to congratulate Corporate Protection Australia Group and thank them for their openness and willingness to embrace advice and purse professionalism in providing emergency services.