Industry Emergency Management Program

Capital Crisis Solutions provides to our industry clients a suite of services in auditing and consulting, one of those is our Industry Emergency Management Program (IEMP). This program provides identification of skills and continued competency currency of the emergency management personnel within the companies Emergency Response Program, from the first on scene responder, to the site incident control team. The program links to our online resource area that provides competency maintenance material for training and mentoring, and can provide recognised training pathways through our strategic training partnerships. This information is then recorded onto the Responder Register to demonstrate competency and continued currency. Capital Crisis Solutions applies the same criteria to our strategic partners as we do to our own consultants, that being that the skills and experience of their trainers must come from a solid foundation of practical application within industry, of the skill they are instructing before they can consider teaching it. The ability to be able to contextualise a subject and provide credible examples of the application of the skill, is a key element in the education process, when provided a relatable application, students can identify with the information more readily. Sometimes you only get one shot at it… so your education should be the best available, you can’t just paint over a mistake… The Industry Emergency Management Program (IEMP) identifies skill levels into
  1. Basic- for entry-level or new responders
  2. Intermediate- for those with a higher identified skill level and experience
  3. Competent- for the seasoned emergency management team member
The IEMP is all about building professionalism in emergency management and providing a validation pathway, to enable the recognition of continued best practice and currency within the field.